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Angela Wagner

Well HELLO there lovely!

I am so glad you reached out and connected. You have taken the first step to discovering what sparks you and learning how to live a life you love.

It’s funny how when we are ready for a change, solutions very often present themselves.

And here we are. 

Welcome to the beginning of an upgraded version of you.

But, I am not here to pretend that I have some magic pill. I seriously wish there was one.

However, I do have a proven and effective method to mentoring. I help you get to the bottom of what’s really going on inside of you.

Together we will figure out WHY you are doing what you are doing and WHY you want to make the changes.

When you get really connected to who you are and what is really important to you, you have the power to create real and lasting change.

How do I know this?

I am honored to have been the teacher, mentor, and coach to thousands of people over the past fifteen years.

See, I started off as a very lost and confused college graduate.

I was searching for something that gave me purpose and that made me feel like I was on the right path.

That’s when I found yoga. It saved me.  So I started to teach it and opened up a studio in Dallas, TX.

I loved the physical challenge of power yoga, but what I really loved was how I learned about myself.

I learned what was going on in my mind, my heart, and my body.

It sounds oh-so-cliche, I know, but it’s real.

The style of yoga that I teach, Baptiste Power Yoga, insists that we look internally so that we can see what is really going on inside of us. 

My mentor and teacher, Baron Baptiste, helped me develop into a confident, purpose-driven woman.

I am ever-so-grateful for Baron and his yoga.  I still to this day teach at my studio and coach my yogis.

But, I wanted to make a bigger impact. So I continued to study and develop my skills as a mentor and coach, beyond the yoga studio.

I see my friends and family struggle in crazy jobs that keep them at their desk for 10-12 hours per day.

I see my yogis arrive at the studio with hunched shoulders and stress all over their bodies.

You can’t get my coaching experience from a book, or a website, or a program. I lived it and worked at it (and continue to) for YEARS.

Now I am here to be your teacher and mentor and give you what my teacher gave me.

Jenny, one of my longtime students and clients, explains it best.

“Your coaching has gotten me to go deep within myself to see what’s really there and to know myself better. You are a master at peeling back the layers that compel us to see where we really are in life, how we feel about things, how we feel about ourselves, and what we are realistically willing to do in terms of action….which all combines to us getting to know ourselves better. When you know yourself better, the answers to those initial questions/goals reveal themselves or become clearer. I’ve found that the bulk of the results I’ve received have been from you asking the hard questions, asking the questions that beget more questions, really exploring the whys. And interestingly enough, the initial questions or goals which prompted me to sign up for the coaching in the first place become less important to me as the process goes on, and I’m more concerned with really getting to know ME, and what my heart, mind, soul are saying/feeling/wanting/needing right now.” ~ Jenny

Wow. Pretty amazing stuff.

Are you always putting yourself, your well being, and your health at the bottom of your to-do list?

Are you tired of trying program after program, diet after diet, trick after trick and always feeling like nothing really changes?

Do you feel like you are stuck in a pattern and can’t figure out a way to make a permanent change?

Are you someone who works better with personal connection and personal commitment?

Would you like someone to help motivate you to TAKE ACTION?

If you answered yes, then my 1:1 coaching is for you.

Do you want to FEEL…

  • less overwhelmed and actually feel your two feet on the ground?
  • less stressed and more mindful in your everyday actions?
  • more connected to the people you love?
  • grateful for your life?
  • less scattered and more focused?

Do you want to GAIN…

  • A more positive perspective and attitude?
  • More courage and self-confidence?
  • A stronger sense of who you are and what you want out of life?
  • TIME? Loads of it? To do the things you want and spend it with the people you love?

But there is one catch.

You have to do the work.

I don’t take on coaching clients unless you are open and willing and ready to take action.

It will be a beautiful mess, at first.  And that is exactly why we work together for three months.

Real change does not happen in one session or one diet or even over 21 days.

I will teach you unwavering discipline.

I will help you stay motivated.

I will be your partner through it all.

Life is simply too important and too short NOT to invest in yourself.

You Deserve This!

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