And here we are, another year has gone by, and it’s time for another fresh start. We turn the calendar’s page, and we are expected to become a brand new person. In the past, I was really bummed in January. The decorations were all gone, and I often felt an emptiness inside, as I lamented the celebratory feelings of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But over the past few years, I have really come to embrace the New Year, and here’s why.

  1. Bella_TreeThat So Fresh & So Clean Clean Feel – Although I do love me some Christmas decorations, let’s face it, my house becomes a mess by January 1st. Glitter makes its way into everything I own; my cat finds, swallows (and inevitably throws up) leftover ribbon from gifts; and the house starts to feel smaller due to the ridiculous amount of holiday trinkets and candles I have acquired. Cleaning up and storing all of the Christmas décor has become a cleansing activity for me. I love the look and feel of a freshly clean house with no evidence of wrapping paper bits, cookie crumbs or piles of cards.
  2. Back In Action – While having time off is fantastic, I really enjoy getting back to a regular routine. My body benefits from knowing when I will sleep, eat, work and play. Humans are creatures of habit. We tend to feel healthier when we have a routine to follow.
  3. Mom’s Christmas Cookies Are Gone – Ah, Marie’s famous homemade Christmas cookies. These
    are epic in our family. I am certain that postmen in Melrose Park, IL and Medfield, MA are crushed that the Barreses moved to Dallas, and they no longer receive their annual Barrese cookie platter. My mom now makes gluten free versions of my favs so I can overindulge as well. But after all of the heavy meals, holiday party snacks and bubbly (well ok, this year maybe not, but usually!) simply put, my body, my mood (and my hubby) say a huge thank you for rediscovering fresh, healthy foods.
  4. People Do Yoga – As a yoga teacher, I love January because people come to yoga! In December, we have a crew that I call the December Diehards – and I love them – because they are committed year ‘round. But January brings back many old friends as well as new ones who are excited to try yoga and other forms of fitness. Some people hate the packed classes but even as a participant, I love them. There is more sweat, more connection and more energy for everyone to share. And, it helps me get my lazy butt back on my mat and back into the gym!
  5. Humans Are Committed to Growth Together– I know, I know this may sound hokey and woo-woo, but hear me out. I am a yoga teacher and life coach, so I work with goals and growth all year long, not just for New Year’s resolutions. However, there is only one time a year where almost everyone is somewhat focused on making themselves better. How amazing is that? Think about it: in January, we are working on getting healthier, finding balance, unplugging from our distractions, connecting with what matters, and more. An amazing amount of positive energy and intention is being put into the world, and I am convinced the world is a better place because of it.

So whether or not you love or hate to set a New Year’s resolution, I invite you to think about what you gain this time of year. I am sure you have your own list. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Happy New Year Y’all!

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