Episode 51: Fitness + Diet Resolutions

Luke’s magic transforming tape measure.

Brilliant Moment of the Week (4/5) Angela found inspiration watching her toddler, Luke, turn a simple tape measure into an adventure using his imagination. Inspired Action Find more ways to be creative, even in simple ways.

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Major Topic: New Year’s Fitness and Diet Resolutions  Nicole presents strategies for how to start healthy fitness and diet routines that fit our lives (not the other way around), with an emphasis on balance, flexibility, and inspiration.

Try This: Add five minutes to your day. Set your alarm five minutes earlier and use that time to start that routine you’ve been wanting to do (stretching, meditation, alone time with your coffee, whatever).

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Angela SHOUT out to her winter hat for keeping her warm and cozy during the cold winter days. Secondary shout out to Nicole’s blanket doing the same good work.

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Shout out to Angela’s winter hat.
Acknowledgment to Nicole’s blanket for keeping her cozy during recordings.

An Ending

I just quit my job. It was my first job out of college, and I was there for a year and nearly eight months. I was unhappy at this job, but it wasn’t because of the job. Ok… It wasn’t entirely because of the job. The job was never right for me. It wasn’t my passion or my calling or anything I wanted to make into a career, but it was a job. And it was a good job! for someone who wasn’t me.

So I was unhappy, and it was kind of because of the job, but it was mostly because of me. I was newly out of school and in the “real world”. I was lonely and depressed and angry at EVERYTHING and desperate to figure out what the hell was wrong with me. Like, I always knew I was an emotional person, but crying at my desk at 2pm on a Tuesday for no particular reason while I pretended to create excel spreadsheets felt a little… off.

In hindsight, I was obviously in the wrong place for me. I knew it, my boss knew it, my coworkers knew it, my parents knew it, my boyfriend knew it, my next door neighbor knew it, my succulents knew it, the person who took my picture when I went to get my Texas drivers license knew it, literally everyone knew it. And I knew – not even deep down, like floating six feet above the surface at all times – that I needed to make a change. I SO CLEARLY needed a change.

What Angela said this week on the podcast about change and the difficulties in facing it was so spot on for me. She spoke about the So-Called Comfort Zone, and boy oh boy do I know that place. I lived in that place. I wasn’t just visiting either, I mean I moved all my stuff into that place and bought freaking throw pillows and started making homemade almond milk in that place. It was mine, and I hated it. I wanted to toss the throw pillows out the window and pour the stupid almond milk all over the floor and just sit in my So-Called Comfort Zone wallowing in self-pity and spilled milk. Because you know what? Even though I knew exactly what I needed to do to be happy (spoiler alert: make a change), wallowing was 1,000,000x easier EVERY time.

Staying positive, clear, and motivated. I used to take my car up to the roof on lunch breaks to meditate.

Angela listed some reasons people avoid change: Fear, loss of control, overwhelm at the sheer amount of work it will take to make a real change. I felt all of those things, intensely. But I was also paralyzed by the guilt of wanting to leave a job I had never felt truly qualified for in the first place. They took a chance on me, how could I walk out? So many people would kill for such a great job, how ungrateful was I? The status quo was holding me back, but it was the status quo dammit and if the first half of High School Musical taught me anything it was that I should stick to it!

Before I was ready to make the career change I knew I needed, I had to change my outlook. I started practicing yoga, went through yoga teacher training, surrounded myself with people I loved who inspired me and did things that made me feel good. I started living the life I wanted to live, and it gave me the courage to finally make the change I needed to make.

Now, I’m on the other side. I’m sitting in a new zone, but it isn’t comfortable. It’s actually terrifying. I went from having a stable, salaried job with health insurance and paid vacation and a swivelly desk chair to pursuing my dream of being a writer and nannying to make ends meet. But this discomfort is exactly what I wanted, and I didn’t know I could have it until I just jumped into it face first without a mouth guard and prayed I wouldn’t lose any teeth. It means freedom and ownership of my time and my life and myself. It means purpose and fulfillment and, dare I say happiness?

It wasn’t easy to get here. I had to work really hard and have uncomfortable conversations (mostly with myself, out loud, usually not in public) and keep moving forward into the unknown even though I was so afraid. But if I had waited until it was easy or I was “ready”, I would have died sitting in a puddle of almond milk in the So-Called Comfort Zone wishing I hadn’t thrown all my pillows out the window.

My new zone, though mine and right, isn’t all that comfortable yet. But I own my change, and I take pride in knowing that I got here by doing the scariest thing of all: believing that I could.


Sarah Mowery is the Podcast Marketing Editor for the Spark – Inspire Your Life Podcast and an avid podcast listener. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Sarah enjoys writing, playing outside, going to concerts, and anything else she can list here that will make you think she’s cool. Sarah is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher and a member of the assisting team at YogaSport in Dallas.

Choose Your Own Adventure

The world runs on routines. We get into our daily habits and have plans and calendars and schedules and deadlines, all of which cannot be ignored. Teachers gotta teach, writers gotta write, lawyers gotta law.. most of us have a career or identity that, to some extent, dictates what we do on a daily, weekly, monthly, and lifely basis. It’s what gives us a sense of purpose. Society would collapse into utter chaos if no one did what they needed to do.

But that doesn’t mean we have to limit ourselves to doing those things that fit into our established concepts of ourselves. In this week’s episode of the podcast, Angela and Nicole talk about what can happen when you follow an interest, not having any plan or idea for where it could lead – it’s how YogaSport was born and how Nicole wound up recently teaching her first private yoga lesson!

Humans like order. It’s in our nature to want to categorize and label everything, including people, to simplify things for our brains. We do it to ourselves by choosing to spend our time in ways that align with our self image. Even our hobbies, social lives, and leisure time can become routine if we aren’t putting in the effort to try new things every once in a while.

When we try new things and pursue things that interest us, new doors automatically begin to open. By simply branching out of what feels safe and routine and “you”, you not only grow and learn, but you make yourself available to all sorts of opportunities and connections you otherwise may not have found. You begin to actively choose your own adventure.

The next time you think “Hm, that’s interesting!”, dive deeper. When you see a piece of art that inspires you and think, “I wish I could do that,” ask yourself who’s stopping you. If you try something and it sparks joy in you, do it again. It doesn’t have to mean a radical life change or even a big time commitment – you could pursue an interest for five minutes and then realize it’s not for you, and that’s OK! It’s about exploring yourself and the world around you, saying yes to new opportunities, and enjoying the adventures that await.

To Inspire

At the end of a teacher training session, we often finish the day with a declaration circle. We sit in a circle and declare something that we WILL do. Examples are, “I will meditate.” “I will be happy.” etc. Mine is more often than not, “I will inspire.” Over the past ten years of practicing yoga, my various teachers, mentors and coaches have inspired me to be a better person, enjoy my life more and give all of what I get back to others. At the end of my life, I want people to say one thing about me. “She inspired me.” I am certain that if I leave people with inspiration, I will have fulfilled my purpose on this planet. When I found out I was featured in Origin Magazine in their Inspire Series, I was thrilled. It’s nice when the Universe gives you a pat on the back, as if to say, “Hey, you are going in the right direction.”

What is your life-long “I will” declaration?

Origin Magazine Inspire Series

Shannon G
You inspire me! So honored to be working by your side.

Wrong Turn

Last week I was driving around town trying to find our local Kroger. John and I moved up North a few months ago and are still feeling our way around our new neighborhood. I completely missed the street and drove miles past it. As I banged a U-ie (is that how you spell it?!), I saw a sign for TJMaxx. TJMaxx brings back fond childhoold memories. My mom, a very skilled bargain hunter, frequented discount stores in search of a steal. I really didn’t have anything specific in mind but I figured since I was sort of lost in space anyway, why not take a few minutes to see if I could find a treasure? Because I am a “I can never veer away from THE PLAN” kinda-gal, this decision was a pleasant surprise.

So, I ventured in, found Bella some fabulous kitty bowls and came across this sign. I didn’t purchase it but I did take some time to soak up the simple yet profound words. You just never know when a wrong turn will take you to a good place. This sign is full of good advice. My favorite is “Your Life is NOW.” I mean, really. Simple, obvious, yet something I really needed to hear. And need to hear on a regular basis.

What’s your favorite?

Sign inspirational