Episode 48: Melissa Culbertson; Capturing the Everyday

Sucky Moment of the Week (2/5) It was time to go to soccer practice, but the socks were still wet, so… the kids wore wet socks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Inspired ActioBe prepared. When there’s a lot going on, set yourself up for success by getting things ready ahead of time.

Capturing the Everyday: Melissa snaps herself getting ready for a workout class, a typical moment to look back on in the future

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Major Topic: Capturing the Everyday Melissa Culbertson has made a career in the world of digital sharing, from her role as a social media strategist at Burt’s Bees to her site helping other bloggers and online entrepreneurs. But Melissa thinks we need to shift away from creating the perfect scene to share on social and more toward capturing the everyday moments as they actually happen. How and why to do that, on the podcast.

Try This: Give your phone or camera to someone else and have them take a picture of the moment you’re having. Make it a natural, unposed moment, and make sure you’re actually in the picture.

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Take a Moment, In the Moment

Take a moment to capture the moment. I know, I know. We talk so much about putting down the phones and the cameras and staying present in the current moment – what about that?

Well, there’s a balance. And, just like when you’re literally trying to balance on one foot, you might not ever actually feel like you’ve achieved that balance perfectly, but you’ll at least have one foot firmly on the ground, wobbling at the ankle but keeping you in an upright position.

That balance is going to look different for everyone, but there’s a huge difference between the compulsive ways we use our phones and cameras and an intentional use of them as a tool to help us appreciate the things that happen in our lives each day.

Capture the everyday moments. Stop yourself in the middle of making breakfast, when there’s half a box of cereal spilled on the floor and your kid’s hair is still in a mess of a braid from the day before, and snap a picture. This is real. No pinterest-worthy avocado toast with an artful drizzle of olive oil. Show the chaos, and all of it.

Make sure you’re capturing a little bit of everything that happens throughout your day. You don’t have to do this all the time (it’s all about that balance yo), but when you find yourself thinking, “Man, this is nice,” or “Ha! I can’t believe this is my life,” or even “I can’t wait for this week to be over,” take a moment, in the moment, to make it a memory you can look back on in five years and think, “Ha! That was nice. I can’t believe that was my life. I was so stressed out that week, but it was kind of fun.”

Think about the things you’re going to want to look back on, and capture them for yourself, not for the ability to show others, thought sharing them with others is a great way to connect and engage as long as you’re doing so mindfully of your intentions. It’s not single the Instagram-worthy sunset you’re going to remember in 20 years, it’s the fact that you always used to climb up on the rooftop to watch the sunset with your honey at that house you both loved.

Capture the moment, in the moment. This way, you’re not just grabbing an image, you’re taking time to notice what you’re doing and why it matters. Instead of moving the croissant a little closer to the latte to get that perfect photo that shows how well you brunch (we’ve all done it, but like whyyy do we do it?), you’re noticing what’s worth remembering about your life, just as it is. Nothing for show, just for keeps. And if you decide to share, that’s cool, but if you don’t, that’s just yours.