Sucky Moment of the Week (5/5) Nicole discovered that cholic is NO JOKE after Fiona spent days crying non-stop. Inspired Action Parent or not, we can all relate to feeling helpless when we’re in an unfixable situation. Be patient and know that you’re doing your best. Try a mantra: “Be patient. It will get better,” or  “This is just a moment in time.”

Send in your brilliant and sucky moments to with any questions or inspired actions – you might be featured on the podcast!

Major Topic: Decluttering Your Spaces Nicole and Angela offer up advice on how to simplify your 

spaces by getting rid of items that don’t give you joy or purpose.

Try This: Go through a room or closet in your house and find a few items that you’ve held onto that you don’t really use or love. Ask yourself the question: What do I expect to achieve by keeping this item? Let us know how it goes!

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Nicole SHOUT out to her mom, aka “Mimi”, who was there for support during the entire cholic episode.

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