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Empty hangers: The ghosts of clothes donated.

Major Topic: Decluttering (cont’d) Nicole has taken her obsession with decluttering and minimalism to “the crazy level”, as Vic would say, and her closet now consists of nothing but her absolute favorite things.

Sucky Moment of the Week (5/5) Angela’s cat and partner in life, Bella, passed away after 19 years together. Inspired Action Cherish the memories, and take the time you truly need to grieve loved ones lost.

Ask Coach AWags Allison is participating in the #40actsofkindnessbefore40 challenge, and asks for some ideas of random acts of kindness to try out.

Send in your questions on anything from life to love to diet and exercise (like yoga!) and beyond at to be featured on the podcast.

Cherish the memories.

Try This! Pick a random act of kindness that inspires you, and do it this week!

Team SHOUT out We love our bloggers! Nicole and Angela acknowledge the Spark Podcast blog writers, Sarah, Sarah, and Jenny.

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Thanks for the acts of kindness ideas! Last month, I wrote letters to soldiers through Operation Smile and dropped off an edible arrangement at my local fire department (which they loved, because as one Fireman said, he normally gets cookies and cakes). But definitely going to do the other suggestions and look at the page you linked. Thanks again for the ideas! Love the podcast 🙂

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Yeah, it’s not just yogis giving fruit, LOL. I love it! Thanks for your support Allison. We are so glad you are enjoying the podcast!!


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