Sucky Moment of the Week (1/5) Erica missed her flight from Hawaii by a whopping 10 hours. Oops! Inspired Action Find ways to remove potential human error from important situations, like using apps to help keep track of time zone changes and flights.

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Erica Duran is a master at living luxuriously with less.

Major Topic: Living with Less Our special guest, Erica Duran, is a former professional organizer, a minimalist, and a freedom-based luxury lifestyle designer. She clues us in on the difference between organizing and decluttering, and shares how living with less doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort and style.

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Erica SHOUT out In the midst of all the crazy airline scandal drama in the world, Hawaiian Airlines is keeping it real for their customers and fostering “Aloha in the air” 🙂

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