FAQ About The Spark Online Program

Here are just a few Frequently Asked Questions about the Spark online program.

1.     Do I have to practice yoga to do Spark online?  No, the Spark online program does not have a yoga component so there is no yoga experience necessary!

2.     How much time do I need to spend on this program each week? It’s difficult to put an amount of time on it. In general you will need a few hours per week (total) to do the work involved.  However, some people will spend more or less time depending on their goals.

3.     What if I am going on vacation or traveling during part of the five weeks?  If you are traveling, it’s easy to take the work with you. It’s nothing extreme and nothing you can’t make time for when you are away. However, if you simply won’t have time during your travels, you can just pick up where you left off when you get back.  The Glow package gives you the five week program over six weeks, Sparkle gives you three months to revisit content and Fireworks six months.

4.     What is the difference between YogaSport Spark and Spark online?  The biggest difference is that Spark online does not have a yoga component. Some of the exercises are similar but this program is defined into three categories. You can read the specifics of the categories and the focus for each week on the home page. If you have done Spark at YogaSport, you will takeaway new tools and exercises as well as the ones you know and love! The other big difference is that it’s online – you can access it from wherever, whenever (within your subscription period).

5.   Do I have to go on an extreme diet or completely change the way I eat? No, you will not go on an extreme diet. However, in week four, there is a 10 day detox that will challenge you to cut out all of the bad stuff (sugar, alcohol, etc) but certainly will not make you cut out all carbs or only drink juice (think brown rice vs white rice and lean turkey vs hamburger). You can either do this on your own or purchase the Advocare 10 day detox which I have been doing for over 10 years and simply love. If you are interested in a more structured way of cleaning out your diet, read about and purchase any of the 10 day detoxes here.