Angela Wagner

Back when I was a single gal in my twenties, I took on the world. I left the stress-filled, ego-laden corporate atmosphere and fulfilled my dream of owning a yoga studio. I thrived as an entrepreneur, teacher, and wellness coach, and took the greatest amount of pride in helping the hundreds of students who walked through the doors of my studio each day find balance, flexibility, strength, and purpose. Seeing their faces light up when they had a breakthrough in a pose or were able to overcome a difficult obstacle in their lives was the most rewarding feeling in the world for me.

Now that I’m in my fourties, my life isn’t just about me and my students anymore. I have a family – a loving husband, adorable toddler, and a very busy baby girl, and I’m responsible for lighting up their lives, too. I’m proud beyond measure of the life and family I’ve created, but holding the flame high for others can sometimes leave me feeling a bit dim. I’ve certainly had moments when I’ve felt neither balanced nor strong, but rather frazzled and petered-out. Show me a mother who hasn’t felt this way, and I’ll give you a million bucks.

But just because I’ve taken on more roles and responsibilities doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped believing that I –or women all over just like me –can still take on the world. I’ve discovered how the challenges of life –all the juggling of work, friends, and family –can be amazing opportunities for growth. All my years of owning a business and teaching and coaching and being a wife and mother have taught me that we are all capable of truly amazing things if we support each other versus compete or judge each other. I believe we can change the world and ourselves if we let go of self-doubt and begin to truly love ourselves for who we are, flaws and all.

Role: Head Wellness Coach
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Dream Job: This is it!
Your Motto: Reach out and connect, always
What Lights You Up?My kiddos’ giggles, morning walks with the family, lattes on a cold morning, patios, my yoga practice, bubbly, spending time with loved ones, oh, and sushi.
Fav Food:sushi
Fav Vacation You Have Been On: our honeymoon in Maui
Dream Vacation: Australia
Guilty Pleasures:The Bachelor shows and Caramello
Tiny Humans or Animals? Roxy, our rescue pup. Luke my 3.5 year old sage and Zoe my almost 2 year old wild child.

Nicole Esquino

Role: Inspiration Specialist (and Podcast Co-Host)
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Dream Job: global wandering with the fam
Your Motto: Don’t worry, be happy.
What Lights You Up? Family, friends, healthy living, minimalism, organizing and spreading joy
Fav Food: medjool dates
Fav Vacation You Have Been On: road tripping from Texas to California to Colorado
Dream Vacation: anywhere with mountains, fresh air, stunning views eating smores by the campfire with my squad
Guilty Pleasures: I love ice cream (but it doesn’t love me)
Tiny Humans or Animals? Caleb (human stepson) Fiona (human) Phoenix and Shiner (pups)

Sarah Mowery

Your Job at AWC: Podcast Marketing Editor
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Dream Job: Writer/Outdoor Adventurer/Health Guru
Your Motto: It’s all good, baby!
What Lights You Up? Playing outside, jamming out to good music, and being with my friends
Fav Food: Anything that comes inside a tortilla (plants only, please)
Fav Vacation You Have Been On: The month I spent studying in Bali, Indonesia
Dream Vacation: Renting a van and traveling across New Zealand 
Guilty Pleasures: I take guilt in no pleasure
Tiny Humans or Animals? My tenacious Feline American, Scout

Sarah Jane Ponce

Role: Podcast Producer
Hometown: CDO, Philippines
Dream Job: work everywhere and travel with the fam
Your Motto: Positive outlook, attracts positive output.
What Lights You Up? family, art masterpiece, music, fashion and giving
Fav Food: Philippine adobo
Fav Vacation You Have Been On: escapade to Dinagat Island, Philippines
Dream Vacation: Out of the country and visit beautiful work of arts and nature
Guilty Pleasures: watching series movies (it kills my time :-D)
Tiny Humans or Animals? my babies ( can’t think anything with tiny humans :-D), cat (animals)