Preggo Power Yoga Modifications

Now that I am in my 27th week of pregnancy, my power yoga practice is getting, well, let’s call it…interesting.  As always, check with your doctor before continuing your regular practice. If you have the green light, here are three modifications that will help you flow (vs. waddle) your way through your practice.

CHAIR POSE – Spread your feet the width of your hips, and yes you can spread your feet as wide as you think your hips are. Feel it out, you will know what is right for you. I highly recommend doing this anytime you would normally put your feet together. Stepping your feet together was so pre-preggo. Live in the now.




BOW POSE – Once it’s no longer comfy to be on your stomach, do all “belly backbends” on your side. If you can’t seem to reach your feet anymore, no worries, just reach towards them and enjoy the opening in your front body. If you feel like you are stretching your bump too much, ease off and enjoy a cozy rest on your side. Hey, you are pregnant, give yourself a break.



TWISTING CHAIR – It’s not recommended to do deep twists during your pregnancy, and honestly at this stage of the game, you not only won’t want to, you won’t be able to. This modification gives you plenty of space for your bump yet allows you access to stretch your upper back muscles which really need some lovin’ right about now. You can apply this modification to any twist. Remember, the block is your friend

Angela’s Faves – March 2014

Welcome to the first installment of Angela’s faves. Check out a few people, places and things that are inspiring me right now.

Angela's faves



Have a gluten or dairy intolerance? Vegan or wannabe? Check out my favorite Dallas (And NYC!) bakery Tu-Lu’s. All of their items are gluten free and many yummies are dairy free as well. Indulge without the tummy ache AND support a local business owner. I mean, why not, right? (and if your loved one is not intolerant, they will gladly indulge as well. John agrees, the coffee cake is especially yummy.


The weather is finally changing and it’s time for spring cleaning!  I love this article on tips on how to spring clean your closet. The ladies at All in a Row know what’s up when it comes to organizing. 


Need some convincing that this meditation thing IS in fact really doing something good? For those of you (us) who like proof and science to back things up, click for a short video about your brain on meditation.  It’s pretty rad to SEE the results. Now go grab your meditation pillow and let’s get to it!

Goodbye, Sweet Lola

On a recent afternoon, I decided to skip out on work, put Lola’s top down, and take Roxy to the dog park. The weather was gorgeous: 75 degrees and sunny; it’s as if the Universe knew it was going to be my last day with my sweet little car. As the wind rushed by and the sun warmed my skin, the memories started flowing.

It was early 2008. I was never into cars, but since my Civic had been in the shop more often than I had anticipated, I decided to buy a different kind of car, one that made a statement about me and where I was in life, which was an early mid-life crisis of sorts. I’d never thought I would be 31 and single, but there I was, so I decided to embrace it. Lola is an MX5 (formerly known as a Miata) two seater, hard top convertible. She is sexy, fun, and powerful, all of the qualities I wanted to embody. I didn’t need a man or a family to define me. I was happy and free. As I left the Mazda dealer with my shiny new car, the dealer said, “Smile, people are watching you now.”

After many years of excruciatingly painful and often ridiculously funny dates from online dating, my husband John showed up in my eHarmony matches. The Universe definitely has a sense of humor. He is 6’2” and can barely fit in Lola. So, for the last five plus years, we have driven in his car. I was secretly OK with this because it meant that Lola was still my car, and thus a symbol of my individuality and freedom.

Fast forward to today: I am 26 weeks pregnant and making decisions that are no longer about me. I can’t keep Lola because legally you can’t have a baby in the front seat of a car – not to mention the fact that Lola is small and somewhat dangerous for a pregnant momma to be driving.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the new car I am buying; it’s spacious, has a fancy interior, and all the bells and the whistles. But, it’s not Lola. Today, I give up more than a car. I give up a symbol of the time in my life when I was independent and carefree.  It’s such a bittersweet moment; I longed for this day for years yet I’m still immensely sad about letting Lola go.

As the saleswoman started to prepare the paperwork and I was fighting back tears, I remembered that change, even good change, can often be challenging to move through.  It’s so important for us to cherish each experience, each stage in life, because before we know it, we will be moving on to the next.  I will forever have fond memories of the time I rode around town with the radio blaring and breeze tossing around the strands of my hair, just me and Lola. Today, however, I look forward to creating the next stage in my life

As we were leaving the dealership with our new baby-friendly car, John asked, “So what’s her name?” I didn’t have to think about it. It just came to me: “Her name is Big Momma.”

Welcome to the Wagner family, Big Momma.

Angela Big Momma car

Sherrye Bass
Angela- you are so right. Enjoy every moment of everyday because life is all about change and how we manage it. Life can be a joyous adventure if we just allow it to be so. Miss you and the studio and I hope to see you soon! Sherrye Bass

John Wagner
Thank God for leg room!!