Back in Time


Baron and Angela 2003
2003 (I swear I wore a bandana before I met Baron!)

I just finished packing for my trip to Baptiste Teacher Training Level 3. Normally preparing for a week long training with my teacher and mentor, Baron Baptiste, is par for the course. It’s something I do at least once a year as part of my commitment to my certification and my own training as a yoga instructor. However, this training is different. This time I return to Tulum, Mexico, where I went to my first Baptiste Bootcamp in 2003. Even though they always scared the crap out of me, there was always something exhilarating about the idea of going to (and getting through) a bootcamp. It was almost like a yoga badge of honor. “I did Frog Pose for 25 freakin’ minutes, what did you do this week?!”

In August of 2003, I was what I like to call a baby yoga teacher filled with enthusiasm and promise. I had a few weekend trainings and Yoga Journal Conferences under my belt but no official yoga certification to speak of. I had large classes at 24 Hour Fitness and high hopes of owning my own yoga studio. I had even bought the URL I had life pretty much figured out. Ha!

I arrived at my first training scared yet excited. I am not going to lie, it was a tough week. Eight people left the training for various reasons. Some didn’t like the use of swear words, some were angry because they thought it was a yoga vacation (it clearly stated in the application that it was far from a retreat) and some just weren’t on board with the general intensity of the week. I, however, was in heaven. I appreciated the discipline and intensity of the training. We had 4-5 hour morning practices, we didn’t get to change our yoga clothes for our journal and share sessions, there was no schedule, we didn’t eat lunch before 2pm or dinner before 10pm and there were no chairs for our 4 hour lecture sessions. But, I didn’t know any different and I didn’t really care. I left that training changed forever. I left knowing that I would permanently change my career, open my own yoga studio and that I had found my yoga home.

Almost ten years later, I return back to my roots in Tulum. I feel a different kind of excitement. The fear is gone (except the part about getting my yoga butt back into shape, I am no longer 25). I am a completely different person. I return as a business owner, senior yoga instructor, yoga teacher trainer and a wife. I have seen myself grow in astounding ways throughout the last ten years. I have also seen so many of my yoga teacher friends as well as the Baptiste community grow in amazing ways. The trainings are no longer called bootcamps, they are simply teacher trainings. Our practices are not 5 hours anymore (darn it, I really do miss that part), we get to journal in dry clothes, we have a tentative schedule, we eat, well, I’ll let you know about this one and we have chairs! Real chairs people!

This week I look forward to connecting with old friends and seeing the training through a different set of eyes. But, most importantly, I look forward to spending a week dedicated to re-charging and re-energizing so I can be an even better version of me. Because in the end, that part of the experience has never changed.

Where are your roots? Have you thought about revisiting them?

Love this! You inspire me. 🙂