Now that I have sweet Luke, the days of going to the gym whenever I want are over. So, I’ve decided to embrace home workouts and practices. I recently started with this simple 20 minute workout posted at my local 24 Hour Fitness by one of the trainers, Xavier.  I adapted it to incorporate little Luke and he had a ball.  I even recruited my husband John to join us. We were actually sore the next day!

20 minute workout board
Here is the workout. It’s basic but it keeps you movin’ and groovin.’ Get your timer out and set it to one minute. If you are using your phone, put it on airplane mode. You can escape for 20 minutes and you definitely don’t want any push notifications, texts or calls distracting you from your goal.
Angela Luke pre workout
Here is Luke and I pre-workout. We are pretty energized and ready for action!
Angela push up Luke rocker
Luke loves his rocker. After having a C-section delivery, push ups aren’t as easy for me as they used to be. Using the rocker and my knees as a base is a fun way to incorporate Luke while keeping my incision site chilled out.

Angela push up Luke
Another fun way to do a pushup is old-school style on the floor or a mat. Placing the baby below you will help you lower to the perfect place. Do not let your shoulders go lower than your elbows.
Angela jumping jack Luke
Everyone knows how to do a jumping jack. I just did it in front of Luke and he thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

This video isn’t the best but you know how to do a basic squat, right? To supercharge the squat (and make it more fun for your little one), hold the baby in front of you and keep your chest lifted as you squat.

In this exercise, Roxy, Bella and Luke joined in on the fun. To do a forearm plank, draw your shoulder blades in and down, draw your belly in and engage your legs. You can also drop your knees to modify.

Luke born to play golf
Once you are done, Luke suggests laying out your play mat and taking a nap. 🙂

We hope you enjoy the family workout as much as we did. If so, share it with your friends!

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